Fundamentally people enjoy experiencing the beauty of natural environments; in fact we are nature.  We believe that people, if given the opportunity, will protect natural environments and engage in regenerative practices to support life on earth. As a tourist destination, Valle Escondido inspires visitors to remember we are nature.

Monteverde Inn Mission Statement


Working towards being a self-sustainable hotel, within a private nature preserve, Monteverde Inn offers quality accommodation and service, providing guests a unique experience, one that combines nature and ecological design in the same location.


Valle Escondido Nature Preserve Mission Statement


Valle Escondido Preserve protects 40 acres of land in Monteverde offering inspiration, enjoyment and education to visitors coming to experience and learn about the rich biodiversity and ecology of this region of Costa Rica.



Valle Escondido Night Walk


One of the first night walks in Costa Rica starting in 1998, our goal is to provide guests with the most experienced, professional, and enjoyable guided tour possible, promoting greater understanding and respect of nature, witnessed with in the rich biodiversity Monteverde Costa Rica.



Café Escondido Mission Statement


We offer affordable, fresh, tasty dishes and friendly professional service with menu ingredients sourced locally, organic, or produced here at our farm.


Guiding principles of Café Escondido:


1. Provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity

2. Apply the highest standards of excellence to the purchasing, preparing and serving of our food

3. Ensure guests leave happy every time and come back frequently

4. Contribute positively to the community and environment

5. Understand that profitability is essential to our future success



Hidden Valley Farm Mission Statement


Hidden Valley Farm uses the design approaches of permaculture to produce nutritious, organic, fresh vegetables for Café Escondido and in the future local area markets.  We aim to connect with the surrounding local community and broader Costa Rican community to share in ideas of sustainable agriculture and permaculture design.

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To inspire the protection of natural environments and promote regenerative practices through responsible tourism.
The hope of Valle Escondido, whether guests come to the farm, hotel, café or preserve is that they leave with a positive experience that could potentially influence a stronger connection to nature and sustainable practices.
Valle Escondido believes that fundamentally people enjoy nature. Supporting that connection is part of our mission. We believe that people if given the opportunity will work towards sustainable practices and the preservation of natural environments.

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